When it comes to making the best videos, Google and YouTube are the king and the queen, according to new research.

In a study released Thursday, Google is ranked as the best video advertising company in the world, beating out the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat’s rival, and Facebook’s competitor, Instagram.

“YouTube and Google have the best ad tech on the web,” says Jonathan Mayer, a video ad industry analyst and chief executive of Mayer Communications.

“They’re both really, really good at building amazing experiences, which are great for building engagement and engagement.

But YouTube also has an amazing video player that’s a really powerful piece of software that’s been in the public eye for years.”

The study, conducted by Media Metrics, also looked at the number of videos that appear in the Google search results.

In the search results, YouTube leads Google with 1.65 million video views per day, while YouTube has 9.43 million videos with 2.1 million views.

“Google’s video player is the king,” says Mayer.

“It’s the only video player on the market that’s so well-integrated and really powerful.”

YouTube’s video ads are also seen by more users than any other video ad platform, and YouTube is second only to Facebook on video views.

The company is working to improve its search engine algorithms, which have been under pressure from Google.

“We are making the changes that we think are going to help our search engine rank better,” says a YouTube spokesperson.

“But Google’s video ad business is not only the largest in the industry but it’s also the most important to the future of the video ad marketplace.”

“There are plenty of video ads that are just really beautiful and great, and I think we’ve made a lot of progress in that area.”

Google and Facebook are competing with each other for a share of the $4.4 trillion video ad market.

But they are not alone.

The research found that Snapchat has the best search engine algorithm, but Snapchat’s ads are not only seen by many users, they also have the highest engagement rates of any video ad company.

“Snapchat’s video is very, very good,” says Adam Weisman, a senior VP at Media Metric.

“I think the most interesting thing about Snapchat is it’s not really a search engine.

They’re a messaging app, and Snapchat has an incredibly strong messaging app.”

Snapchat’s top two videos are both very popular, with almost a quarter of its users having viewed one.

Facebook’s top videos, however, are seen by fewer than half of users, and those videos tend to be of lower quality than Snapchat’s.

Instagram’s top video ad, meanwhile, is viewed by less than 10% of users.

Google and Instagram, like Snapchat, are both heavily invested in social media and video advertising.

But their success comes at a cost.

“You have to build these kinds of experiences that are compelling and that are engaging,” says Weisman.

“There’s a lot that’s at stake when you start to go after that type of audience.”

The researchers also found that YouTube’s videos are often viewed by more than 10 million people per day.

“The biggest driver of the higher engagement rate that people have for videos on YouTube is that the quality is so good that it’s really hard to compete with the quality that YouTube has to offer,” says Meyer.

Google, which has a similar video ad product as Snapchat, also boasts a huge library of over 150 million videos, with YouTube videos ranking as the third most viewed video on the internet.

YouTube’s top YouTube videos are the most popular, and the company has been improving its algorithms to deliver better videos.

Mayer says Google is working on improving its search algorithms to improve the experience for users.

“If you’ve ever seen the search on YouTube, there’s a great sense of wonder that you have to click on something,” says David Plouffe, Google’s executive vice president of YouTube.

“In fact, when we first launched YouTube back in 2008, it was like we’re building something that was the future, so it’s just a wonder to have that search engine in our world.”

“YouTube’s video advertising platform is built to connect consumers to the products and services they want to purchase.”

Google is also making significant investments in video ads.

In 2014, the company spent $4 billion to buy video analytics startup MediaMonkey, which makes software that helps advertisers improve the performance of their videos.

“This is not just a video game, it’s an experience for the whole consumer,” says Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

“When you buy video ads, the experience is a much richer experience.

When we watch video ads and watch videos, the entire experience is enriched.”

The company also hired the former head of YouTube’s ad business, David Marcus, as its new CTO.

“What we do is build the experience that the consumer wants,” says Pichay.

“David Marcus is the next big thing