SMS ads are one of the easiest ways for people to find and send messages to their loved ones.

While many people use SMS ads as an alternative to traditional mail or texts, they can be a headache for marketers and end up wasting precious marketing time.

 According to a study published in Consumer Technology Research Quarterly, consumers were spending an average of 3,300 SMS messages per month on average.

However, this number was much lower when compared to the amount of time spent on emails.

In fact, users were spending on average 1,400 messages per day on SMS, or a whopping 7,500 messages per week, or just 1.5% of their total messages.

SMS ads have come under fire recently for not being cost-effective, but in this case, the study indicates that the ads could be a useful alternative.

While they can get annoying, SMS ads do have some benefits over traditional emails, and are a more efficient way to communicate than traditional mail.

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