The latest SMB marketing campaign from a major online advertiser could help your company grow faster and more effectively.

The online advertising platform called SMBtone is launching a series of campaign ads to promote SMBs on its mobile platform.

The campaign is targeted at millennials who are most likely to have a mobile device, according to a post on the platform’s blog.

The campaign is called SMBSouth, and the goal is to promote a new way to spend your time and money.SMBtone CEO Steve Vines wrote that SMBsouth will feature “more than 10 brand new SMBs in one of the largest SMB categories.”SMBSouth is one of four SMBs marketing campaigns launched by SMB Tone in October.

The other campaigns are “Get SMB,” “Start a SMB Business” and “Make SMB Your Business.”

Vines explained the new campaign ads will feature content from popular media like CNBC, Bloomberg, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

The first campaign is scheduled to run on the site’s mobile app starting this month.

It will be updated with a new list of featured SMBs each week.

The ads will run on a weekly basis, and Vines told Business Insider that the ads will be similar to the campaign ads that have run on CNBC or Bloomberg.SMBSoul will also feature a new set of features, including a “SmB Business Card” and a “SMB Tone Membership Card.”

SMBSoul memberships include access to a variety of resources and the ability to manage their SMB tone accounts on the SMBS tone app.

The SMBSense app is designed for people 18 and older.

It offers access to an interactive dashboard, tools for managing SMB tones, and a user-friendly user interface.

SMBSight is also available for users under 18.

Vines said the company is focusing on SMB businesses because it’s a key market for SMBsense.

“There’s really no other SMB-specific app out there,” he said.

“SMBSense is going to be a game changer.”SMB tone is a service that lets SMBs and SMBsensory members create their own SMBs tone accounts.

They can then manage them on the app, manage SMB content and pay for it on the same platform.

“This is the most popular app out of all of them,” Vines said.

He also noted that SMBSure is designed to work with SMBs, SMBSensory and SMBSoteposters, and that the app can work with both mobile devices and tablets.SMBsense, a service launched in November, allows SMBs to create their SMBs tones, including their own personal SMBs profiles and access to the SMBtapes API.

SMBtones can be shared and linked across SMB networks and can be used to promote other businesses, such as a company or organization’s SMBs-related content.SMBushesouth was founded by David K. Lebowitz and David R. Korn, both of whom previously worked at Facebook.