In today’s world of online ads, marketers are faced with a plethora of options.

And for those with a need for more granular control over how and where ads are shown, the Google Ad SDK offers a wealth of features to help you manage and monitor your ad network.

This article takes a look at how to use some of the best Google Ads SDK features to create and manage an effective ad network that delivers quality content to your customers and keeps them coming back. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how to leverage Google Ads to build an effective and scalable ad network, read on. 

Read on for the answers to the following questions: What is an ad network?

Ad networks are companies that own and manage a network of online advertisements that can be purchased for your website or mobile app.

They can also advertise for other websites and mobile apps.

How do I manage my ad network ?

Ad networks have a dashboard that allows you to see all of your ads, which can be accessed from any of the available mobile applications or from the Google Apps website. 

What are the ad networks that Google supports? 

Google has a broad range of ad networks for your business.

You can choose from a variety of ad-friendly networks including: Amazon Ad Network: This network is used to display ads on, and it is the largest network of its kind.

The network is also supported by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

Apple Ad Network : This is the most popular network used for Apple.

This network also supports a variety other sites and apps. 

Bundesliga Ad Network (BAN): This is a brand-new ad network which is currently supported by Amazon.

The main advantage of this network is its unique design and design features. 

CinemaAds: This is an official network for the German Bundesliga.

This ad network is not currently supported in Google Ads. 

Danish Ad Network  (DNAd): This network for Danish consumers is also being supported by Google.

This is not a brand new network but it’s also being developed by Google as a standalone ad network for people living in Denmark. 

FIFA Ad Network (FAB): This ad network has already been built for FIFA. 

Korean Ad Network