Malaysia has officially declared a new national day to support the fight against child sex tourism, and the country’s transport minister says his government will be banning all travel to the country in the coming weeks.

Malaysia’s Transportation Ministry issued the statement Monday, saying the move was to “defend the rights of parents and children to safeguard their children.”

It also comes amid an international debate over the effectiveness of the nation’s anti-trafficking law, and what’s left of it, which has resulted in the arrest of more than 50,000 suspected traffickers, including hundreds of children.

The ministry said the directive will ban all travel, and all activities that involve travel to and from Malaysia, as well as activities to facilitate the trafficking of minors.

It said the measures will be implemented from Sept. 1.

Malay officials have previously said they are considering banning travel to certain parts of the country and to certain areas of the world, including the United States.