Updated September 25, 2018 05:24:58 The Australian Financial Press is pleased to reveal the latest data on advertising and digital marketing in the Philippines.

The data show that SMM advertising (which is also referred to as SMS advertising) is the second largest source of revenue for the Philippines’ SMM network, behind SMS.

SMM advertisements are also the third largest source for SMM ads on mobile platforms (after Google AdWords and Bing Ads).

In total, SMM has generated more than $4 billion in revenues for the Philippine economy.

In 2016, the Philippines was the fifth most mobile-friendly country in the world, according to the Digital Advertising Alliance (DA) and a number of other countries.

The Philippines’ mobile industry was the third most mobile in the EU in 2016, behind Germany and France.

As the Philippines continues to expand its mobile market share, it is important to note that the mobile advertising market is also growing rapidly in the country.

Mobile ads can be delivered to millions of devices across the country, allowing for the delivery of more than 2 billion ads a day.

The latest statistics from the Ministry of Communications and the Communications and Multimedia Ministry show that SMS and SMM are still the two largest sources of advertising revenue in the Philippine market, despite the growth of the mobile industry.

In fact, the growth in SMM is still only 1.7% per annum compared to a growth of 6.5% in SMS advertising.

In terms of revenue per user, SMS and the mobile market are still much more than two-thirds of the Philippines economy, according the Ministry.

However, the market is experiencing rapid growth as more and more people are getting online.

It is also expected that mobile advertising will continue to grow rapidly in future.