An ad that works on Facebook, Twitter and Google could be your next big hit.

So how do you make it work?

Advertisers and media organisations have been flocking to the social networks to see what works, and what doesn’t.

But what are the best social media tools and strategies for advertising on Facebook?

We looked at five different social media platforms and asked them to tell us about the best marketing tools and techniques.

Facebook Ads The first place we looked was Facebook Ads.

In terms of effectiveness, Facebook Ads are probably the best.

In our latest survey of more than 2,500 advertisers, Facebook says it’s the most-visited social media platform for advertising.

And Facebook’s ads are consistently shown across a wide range of platforms, from TV to radio and mobile to desktop and mobile.

Facebook is the most used ad network for brands in Australia, according to AdAge, with over 80 per cent of the advertising industry’s ad revenue coming from Facebook.

Facebook’s main advertising platforms include Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Facebook has long been the social media giant of choice for publishers, and its ad network, Facebook, is the third largest in the world behind Google and Apple.

Facebook Advertising Facebook’s Facebook Ads have always been the biggest advertising platform on the internet.

They’re one of the most popular social media ads, behind Google’s AdWords and Apple’s AdMob.

Facebook advertises across TV, radio, newspapers, video games and apps.

And the platform also hosts an advertising network, the Facebook Live Ads, which allows advertisers to promote on Facebook and YouTube videos.

Facebook also hosts the Facebook Group Ads platform, which has around 1.6 million members.

The Facebook Group is a video ad network and allows advertisers and partners to create branded videos and Facebook groups to advertise.

Facebook Live Advertiser Facebook Live Advertising is a very different kind of advertisement.

Facebook doesn’t have a website to advertise on, instead it relies on social media to show ads.

There are no ads to buy.

But ads can be placed anywhere, anywhere on the web, for as long as they’re viewed.

Facebook makes money by showing ads across multiple devices and across multiple platforms, so it makes sense that the platform has been a favourite for advertisers and media outlets.

Advertisors can also create groups to sell advertising to, or create “groups” with other ad companies, such as Google and Facebook, which also make money by selling ads to groups.

Facebook Group Advertising on Facebook groups and Facebook ads is one of Facebook’s biggest revenue streams.

There is a $2.6 billion market for ad placements on Facebook Groups, according a recent report by Strategy Analytics.

The ads are also often shown on social platforms, such, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Groups are a new kind of social network where advertisers can advertise on multiple sites.

Adwords Facebook’s Adwords platform is a great way to reach your audience.

It’s a paid search engine that you can use to target the right keywords and keywords that will get people to your website.

There’s no ads or tracking involved.

You don’t need to know where your audience is, as there are no social networks for that.

AdWords is a huge platform that allows you to reach people anywhere in the globe.

The platform lets you target the ads on your own site, or target ads to Facebook groups on your website, or to groups on Facebook.

Adblocker Adblock is a Facebook-specific ad blocker.

This is a piece of software that blocks advertisements from showing on Facebook or other social media websites.

The Adblock app lets you block ads on Facebook from showing.

It also lets you find and remove ads that are in your Adblock list.

AdBlock is a paid app, which means you can pay for a subscription and have access to all the Adblock features.

Adblocking apps can also be purchased from the Google Play Store, which is where many advertisers purchase the ads they need.

It costs around $3.99 a month to get access to Adblock.

Facebook AdSense Facebook has a great system for ad sales, but there are a lot of ad blockers on the market.

These are paid apps that block the ads of your competitors.

AdSense is a platform for advertisers that allows them to sell on Facebook ads without worrying about paying for ads that appear on Facebook itself.

Facebook ads can also run in AdSense, and they are a much better choice for online marketing.

Adsense works on Android, iOS and Blackberry phones, but it doesn’t work on tablets, laptops or TVs.

Facebook ad sales can also also run through the Facebook mobile app, although it is limited to iOS devices.

Adfly Facebook’s mobile ad platform, Adfly, is a free app that lets advertisers sell their ads to third parties.

AdFly offers many ad types, including branded videos, TV ads, mobile games and more.