The first Android smartphone to hit the market, the Motorola Xoom was released back in 2005 and was hailed by many as the first Android phone to be truly portable.

However, it’s since suffered from the same problems that the Xoom did and the new Android-powered Motorola X1 has been a big hit with the mobile enthusiast community.

The X1 is a great device but it’s not the best Android phone for everyone.

Here’s our list of the best and worst Android phones for you to buy.

Best Android phones The Xoom has some great features.

It has a 2,800mAh battery and the camera is pretty good.

It also has an IP68 waterproof rating, making it ideal for swimming and diving, and it has a removable battery and a USB Type-C port for charging your phone.

However this is the only way to get an Android phone that’s waterproof and IP68 rated, but it also comes with a number of drawbacks, including the fact that it doesn’t come with a microSD card slot.

Motorola has said that it’s working on a microUSB port for the X1, but that seems unlikely given the lack of a micro SD card slot in the X0 and X1.

Motorola’s new phone has a slightly smaller display than the XOM and a smaller camera than the XT60, but the Xom is the phone you want to buy if you want a waterproof phone that doesn’t have a micro USB slot.

You can also pick up a cheaper Android phone, the X20, which has a 5.7-inch display, the same screen size as the XO but the Snapdragon 820 processor.

Both the XS and X20 are also water resistant, but not as much as the XT70, which is also water resistance, and the XT90, which you can find for around £20 less.

The XT60 is also a water resistant phone, but this one is a bit cheaper at around £30.

The iPhone XS Max is the cheapest Android phone we’ve tested, but only for a limited time at £249, while the X100 is still available for around $300.

It’s a great phone, even if you’re not going to use it to make a splash.

However if you are going to buy an Android smartphone, you’ll want to be sure to check out the other features the X3 features as well.

The only problem with the X4 is that it lacks the fingerprint reader and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

That’s not a dealbreaker, but if you do buy an X4, it’ll probably cost more.

However the X2 is the most affordable Android phone on the list and is still an affordable Android device.

The Android-enabled XT60 and XT90 have similar specifications, but are available in slightly different prices.

The cheaper XT60 costs around £50 and the more expensive XT90 costs around $60.

Both phones have 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

Both have 4MP front and back cameras and 8MP front camera.

Both are water resistant up to 20m (65ft) and IP67 waterproof up to 10m (30ft).

The XO has the best camera and the best screen size of any Android phone.

It comes with 32GB of internal storage, a 3,100mAh battery, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The XL90 comes with 64GB, 8GB of external storage, 3GB of memory, and 4GB RAM.

Both of these phones are waterproof up at 20m.

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on an Android device, you should buy the XT50, which costs around the same price as the XL90, and has a higher-resolution screen, faster processor, and wireless charging.

The best Android phones can be expensive, but they can be also pretty good if you buy the right phone.