Lebanese users of the SMS ad platform, Mobile Ads, are using a number of different tools to reach out to their mobile friends.

As the country’s mobile market remains relatively undeveloped, it is a growing concern that the apps are getting lost in a sea of adware.

However, there is hope in Lebanon’s social media, as the Lebanese National Agency for Media (ANAM) has been working to find new ways to get users to reach them, using the latest in technology.

In a recent report, ANAM said that it has used the latest social media tools to increase its reach, and that its work has been aided by the Lebanese Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MITCT), which has also started a project to develop apps for the market.

“We are using all the latest technologies, including the latest Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to reach our users.

We have built a tool that is compatible with Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and we are also using it with Google Plus and Facebook Messenger, and it’s being used by hundreds of thousands of users,” said ANAM spokesperson Alaa Alghamani.

The new tools include social media messaging, which has been developed using the Facebook Messenger app and the WhatsApp messaging app.

Users can connect their phone to the platform and send messages to their friends via WhatsApp, while the app can also be used for instant messaging.

Alghamann said that there are some other new tools, such as the ‘Find My Friends’ app, which allows users to track their friends’ locations, and ‘Send Message’, which allows a person to send an SMS message to someone who is offline.

“These are new tools that we are using, but there are many more that we will be developing and testing,” Alghampani said.

The agency is also developing apps for other popular social media platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to Alghams, this means that the government has already made some progress towards making Lebanese users aware of mobile advertising.

“There are already a few apps that are designed for this, like WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram Messenger.

There are a lot of other apps that have been created, which are designed to be used by the public, but we haven’t had the time to test them,” Al Ghams said.”

However, we have been able to improve our products to make them more useful and convenient to use,” she added.