How do I know if my account has been flagged for bonus rewards?

In order to find this out, you’ll need to use the SMART ad-credit system.

It’s easy to sign up for and you can start logging in anytime after the first time you log in to the site.

You can also use your email address and password.

If you get a confirmation email from a promotional website, you should see an offer to use your credit card for a new SMART account.

You’ll also need to sign in to your account after signing in to another site that offers rewards, such as Paypal, to use that account.

To use your account, you need to follow the steps below to get your account to appear as a bonus.


Check to see if you’re eligible to receive a bonus 2.

If so, sign up and start logging into your account.

This will give you a confirmation message to enter your email and password 3.

Log in to that account using your email or password.

The website that you’re signed into will display an offer for your new SMASHAdvantage card.


After entering your email, password and credit card information, click on the “Add to cart” button to add your account name and account details.


Click on “Check your balance” to confirm your balance and to get confirmation emails when your account is eligible for bonus reward credits.

If your account has not been flagged, your account will not be able to earn bonus credits.

To get your SMASHAccount account flagged, visit the following link to access your account details and sign in:

If the SMASH account is flagged, you will need to create a new account.


Once you’ve created your new account, log in by logging into the site that displays the offer.

You may need to set up a password.

Once your account becomes eligible for the bonus, you can either click on “Manage my account” to get the account information and redeem rewards, or you can select “Log out” from the site’s menu and click “Logout”.


The bonus will appear in your account dashboard and you’ll see a summary of how much you’ve earned and how many bonus credits you have available.


If, at any point, your SMASAdvantage rewards account is no longer eligible for rewards, you won’t be able earn any bonus credits until you reach your current rewards balance.

For example, if you log out of your SMAsAdvantage reward account after logging in to an existing SMASAccount account and have a total of 30 SMASEarnings on your account at the time of signing in, you would not be eligible for a bonus on your current account until you’ve reached 30 SMASHEarnings.

For more information, see our help article on How to earn rewards in SMAS accounts.

The best way to see your account status is to log in and check your account for bonus credits after you sign up.

If this doesn’t help, you may need an account reset.

To reset your account and see your status, go to your My Account page on the SmartAdvantage website and log in with your new email address, password, and credit Card details.


To check your total SMAS account balance, log into the account dashboard on the SMAS site.

Click the “Accounts” tab and then “Account Summary”.

Click on the “+” symbol to see a list of all your accounts.

Select the one that has the “My SMAS Account Status” icon and click on it. 10.

To see your SMAPAdvantage Rewards balance, you must enter your account information to see how much of your total account balance is in SMAP accounts.

This is important because when you earn points on an account, those points are deducted from your account balance.

You will see a total amount of the rewards you earned in each account, as well as how much they’re worth, once you’ve checked your total balance.


When you get your reward, it’ll appear in the “Rewards” tab.

If it has not yet been applied, you might see an error message, or it might be incomplete.

In that case, it means that your account hasn’t been eligible for this bonus, or there are insufficient points in your balance.

If that’s the case, click the “Log in to my account again” button and you will be redirected to your dashboard.


You need to check your balance again and confirm your reward.

If there are no more rewards available, you’re now eligible to earn an additional 10 points per SMASHadvantage eligible transaction, depending on the transaction type.

You won’t earn bonus points for transactions in which you have an account balance of zero.

For full details, see How to add an account.