The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday filed a civil antitrust lawsuit against Samsung and Fox over a TV ad campaign that targets African Americans.

The Justice Department filed a complaint against the Samsung-owned cable network and Fox’s Fox Business Network over the ad, which it said is aimed at black people and is aimed to “stigmatize, intimidate, and intimidate” them.

The ad, featuring a black man, shows a photo of a woman with a camera that reads, “You don’t have to be a black person to be loved.

You don’t even have to look black to be appreciated.

You can be beautiful.”

Fox has said the ad is targeted at black audiences, but the Justice Department’s complaint says the ad violates the Federal Communications Commission’s anti-discrimination rules because it targets minorities in ways that are “grossly disproportionate.”

Fox and Samsung have both denied the allegations.

Fox and its sister network Fox Business News have denied the Justice Dept. complaint.

The complaint also accuses Fox of using its network as an advertising platform for discriminatory advertising, with Fox Business Networks, its parent company, being responsible for the ads.

The company said it will defend itself vigorously against the Justice Deps complaint.

In a statement, Fox said the Justice claims are false, that the ads were not aimed at blacks and that it has “an extensive diversity and inclusion program in place that works to promote inclusion in our workplaces and communities.