The Australian Financial Council says it has launched a new campaign targeting sms advertisements that appear on the company’s website.

The new anti-sms campaign will be running on its website and mobile app from April 3 and will be available to people who have already opted in to receive alerts via SMS, email or Facebook Messenger.

“While many people who receive sms alerts may feel overwhelmed by the volume of messages, it’s important to remember that they are important, and they don’t mean you’re wasting your time or money,” the AFC says.

“Your messages are sent to a number of trusted sources, including your bank, insurance company, credit card provider and the AFA’s sms-aware inbox.”SMS alerts are sent through a third-party service to a list of trusted recipients, which means you’re getting accurate information on how your bank and insurer are managing your risk.

“The campaign will also include a video message and a simple guide to how to manage your inbox.

It is the first time the ATC has run an SMS campaign targeting its own messaging platform.

It says people can also opt-out of receiving alerts by visiting the AFT’s website or by using the free email app.”

We know people are often frustrated by the amount of messages they receive,” the organisation says.”

So we want to help make the process of managing messages a little bit simpler for you, too.

“With this campaign, we want you to have a simple and clear answer to how many messages you’ve received and how many of those are from us.”

You can also use the video to help you see how the messages are being delivered to your inbox.

“The AFT says it works with a range of partners to make sure the messages it sends are delivered to the right people.