Bulk sms advertises their products online with a clever twist.

It is called ‘sms advertising’ and the ads use humour to sell their products.

The adverts show the product as a baby, as well as an adult, and an older gentleman as a doctor.

They are designed to make you laugh, says Bulk Sms Advertising Agency managing director, John Lee.

The humorous nature of the ads is a major draw for customers, who love to find humour in the ads.

Mr Lee says they have had to adapt their business to the current times.

“I think in some ways it’s been a bit like we’ve seen a wave of change in advertising,” he says.

“We’ve had to start doing a lot more with social media and social media is now the new frontier in advertising.”

The humour used in the adverts is also not unique to Australia, with the U.K., Germany and Germany’s biggest social media platforms also featuring humour.

The new humour has caught the attention of Australia’s advertising industry, which has been inundated with thousands of humorous and entertaining tweets and comments since the ad campaign was launched in February.

Bulk Sms is also looking to expand the reach of their products across the world.

“The world is becoming more social media-driven,” Mr Lee says.”[They] are doing a really great job with Twitter and Facebook.”

Mr Lee hopes that the humour in their ads will be as good as the original ones and has set a target to have the funniest ads in the world on Australian TV.