Dubai is set to start accepting payments for ads in a major move by the online advertising company SMS AdDubai to get its service to the UAE.

The ad network’s latest move comes after months of lobbying by the government of Dubai, which had hoped to get it into the country as early as 2020.

Dubai has long sought to get SMS to take part in the UAE’s burgeoning advertising market, where it is estimated that it will employ up to 25 million people by 2030.

Dubay Media has a stake in the company, which has said it has more than 25 million monthly users.

“Dubai is the biggest market for advertisers and it’s our intention to be a part of the growth of the UAE in a way that will bring our services to Dubai, with a view to the inclusion of SMS in our network,” the company said in a statement.

It added that it has signed a deal with SMS that will see the company be the official advertising agency in the country.

The Dubai Tourism Authority is yet to announce an official agreement with SMST.

Dubays tourism and travel agency has also announced plans to offer SMS ad in its online booking system, but the company is yet not confirmed to be one of the sites to offer its service.

Sms is not the only online advertising agency to launch in the Gulf state, with other advertising services such as iAd and iAdr also set to join the UAE market.