The WhatsApp and Twitter messaging services were shut down by Chinese authorities this month.

But they’re still around, and some people still use them.

Here’s how to block ads from WhatsApp and other apps on mobile devices.1.

Go to your profile page.

Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp or Twitter page.

Click “Add new contacts” to add a new contact.2.

Tap on the contact you want to block.3.

Tap “Block” in the top right corner.

Tap next to “Other” to close the pop-up menu.4.

Tap a contact and then tap the “Remove contact” button.5.

Tap and hold the “Add contact” option to remove the contact from the list.

This may not seem like much, but if you don’t want your contacts to be displayed on the social network, you may want to remove them from the system.

If you do, you will need to create a new phone number for the contact.1) Go to WhatsApp or Twitters page on your phone.

Tap Settings icon in upper right.

Tap settings.2) Tap “More” and then “Other”.

Tap “Delete contacts” and “Remove contacts”.

This will delete the contacts from the WhatsApp and Twitters social networks.

You will need a phone number.3) Open the contacts in a phone app and tap the contacts to see their names.4) Tap the contact in the contacts list to see its name.

Tap “Remove” to delete the contact and return it to the WhatsApp list.5) Go back to the settings page on the phone app.

Tap on “Add contacts”.

Tap the contacts you want.

Tap the contact on the list to view its details.

Tap a contact to view a list of the contacts.

Tap and hold on a contact.6) Tap on its name to open the contact details.

Tap it to remove it from the contacts details.7) Go through the contacts for that contact.8) Tap and release the contact to remove from the contact list.

You will need an email address.9) Open an email app and sign up to receive an email from the account.10) Select “Manage” and sign in to the account to receive messages.11) If you’re not in the app, you can open the app by going to Settings > About phone > WhatsApp.

You’ll see an email to you with the message that your account has been locked down.1,5) If the account has not been locked out, you might need to reset the phone number on your account.1: Tap the phone on your wrist.2: Tap Settings > Security.3: Tap Reset and tap Yes when prompted.4: Tap a new number from the phone book and tap Enter to reset.5: Go to Settings, and tap Security.6: Tap New.7: Enter a phone from the top of the list and then click the phone in the list that looks like your phone number, then tap Confirm.8: Tap Yes.9: Tap an option to reset your phone to the default settings.10: Enter an old phone number and enter it again.