When you’re trying to write a joke that makes you laugh at the same time, it’s worth remembering to pick the best advertisement for the job.

This is especially important when the ad is the one that you’re using to market your product or service.

If the advertisement is for an existing brand or brand of food, it might be best to use a commercial that’s a little more tongue-in-cheek than the usual.

If it’s just a bit of humor, it’ll help the joke stand out.

For example, in this commercial for a restaurant in Washington, D.C., the title is, “The most delicious thing in the world: the best hamburger you’ve ever tasted.”

The ad is a little funny, but it’s also a great advertisement for your restaurant.

It’s also quite funny that it’s the most delicious hamburger ever.

The hamburger itself is the most tasty thing ever.

It tastes like a hamburger, but the bun is so thick that it actually looks like it’s a hamburgers hamburger.

The best hamburgurger ever is the best burger ever.

This ad is funny because it’s very clever and it’s so good.

The idea behind this ad is that there’s a line in the ad, which is really funny and the burger is very delicious.

It looks very good, but at the end of the ad it’s gone.

The other ad is really more subtle and it just kind of tells you, “Here’s how to make the best McDonalds hamburger,” and it also is really humorous.

It just says, “This burger tastes like the best burgers ever.”

It’s a really nice joke.

The ad also says, it has a lot of energy.

It has a good story.

It says, the McDonalds burger is so good, it will make you want to eat a whole new hamburger and you’ll be able to eat the whole burger.

It was very funny.

And the McDonald’s hamburger is very good.

And then there’s the ad that I mentioned earlier, that was just a little bit more subtle, but this one was just so good that it was hilarious.

It really just showed the customers how the burger was cooked.

It had a lot more energy, and it had a nice story.

So, the best ad for your business is probably the one you’re going to choose to use to promote your business.

And it’s really important to note that you should really consider the tone of your ad.

You might think that it’ll be more humorous or it’ll get a bit more negative, but I think it’s more important to try to use something that will be funny, funny, and funny.

You should probably go for something that you think people will laugh at.

And that’s the best way to advertise your business, to get people to look at your website, your product, your services, your location, and all the other things that your business does.

And if you’re in a position where you need to reach out to customers or get new customers, it would be best for you to use the funnier advertisement for that.