The advertising firm that bought a $4,000 TV advertisement for SMS has hit a new record.

The ad, which features a woman wearing a white dress and clutching a bouquet of flowers, made the most money in a single day for Sms in the U.K. at $4 million, according to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The Sms ad was launched on Wednesday.

It shows a woman walking down the street, holding a bouche of flowers and asking passersby if they have a “favorite flower” that she likes.

She says she’s looking for a “love letter” to a friend who she has never seen before.

She then gives her name and phone number and says the flowers are “for you.”

It’s the first ad from the messaging service and its first to hit the U, said Lauren Liss, head of marketing for Salssmes, the ad agency behind the campaign.

The ads are part of Sms’ global expansion plan, which will include more than 1 million TV ads and a number of digital initiatives, including a $1 million “Sms for Business” campaign, which is being launched in the United States.

The company also plans to launch a $50 million marketing blitz in the coming weeks.

Sms, a messaging app that has attracted attention for its simplicity and ease of use, is expanding across the world.

The ads are a part of the company’s efforts to get in front of more audiences.

In the U!

campaign, a woman in a white shirt and black skirt walks past a store with an iPhone screen on the counter.

She asks customers to give her a “heart.”

The ad ends with a “happy birthday” message.

The company is also partnering with the U of T’s Film Institute to develop a video that will be broadcast on Sms.

The video will be released in the fall.

The firm’s latest advertising push came as the U S. government began an investigation into how it operates the country’s electronic surveillance system known as Prism, a secret program that collects vast amounts of Americans’ phone data.

The U.S. Justice Department has accused the company of illegally sharing information about U. S. citizens with foreign partners.