Digicels sms advertisement sample is back with another hit.

In this week’s update, Digicela will show the sms ad samples that customers can use to send the ad messages on the Digicelo.com portal.

Customers will also have to register for the new service, which will cost Digicelle $9.99 per month.

The sms advert sample also includes a demo of the new sms push ad service that will let customers target ad campaigns on mobile devices and push those campaigns to consumers via a mobile app.

The DigicELs mobile app will be available in the coming weeks, with the sample available as a free download. 

The sms app will also let users test and track their campaigns on their smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices.

Customers can view their campaigns and track how they are performing on their campaigns, as well as track and share the campaign’s data with their friends and family.

Digicell said the smsh ad sample is only available for one week, and customers can try the sample for free. 

“With the launch of Digiceli’s mobile app, we are excited to bring our customers the ability to track their own campaigns and get the most out of the ad samples they send,” said Michael Glynn, senior VP, product marketing, Digisecel.

“Digicel is confident that our customers will enjoy the Digisel ad samples, as we continue to provide them with more personalized advertising.” 

Digicels mobile app is now available to download on the Android and iOS app stores. 

Digisel also revealed that it has launched its new mobile app and its mobile ad samples.

The mobile app lets customers see how their campaigns are performing across a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, desktop, and even TVs.

Customers also have the ability of targeting ads through the Digiels mobile ad service, as Digicelfa’s mobile ad sample includes a sample that will allow them to send ads to customers on their mobile devices. 

With the mobile app launch, Digiel will continue to expand its ad inventory to customers, including the mobile ad platform. 

While the mobile apps are not a complete solution for all Digiceline customers, Digiconel’s ad inventory is growing and the Digiscel mobile ad will provide additional support for Digicelines ad campaigns. 

A number of Digiconels ad samples are being offered for free on the new Digicelec mobile app for a limited time, and consumers can access the samples through the app and the mobile website. 

As part of its ad-sending service, Digixel will also begin offering free samples on the mobile and desktop platforms as well. 

More information can be found at Digicelt’s website here: www.digicelle.com/ad-sends.