Sms text advertisement article Smas text ads appear to be more effective than other types of text ads, according to a study from the University of Michigan.

The study suggests that a text ad may be more persuasive than a photo ad, but not as effective as a direct mail campaign.

The findings come from the Sms experiment, a series of experiments conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo in collaboration with AdWeek and The Atlantic.

Researchers from the university’s Center for Communication Research and Design examined 1,500 emails sent between December 2011 and December 2013 to 1,800 participants from a variety of online platforms, including the site, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

The experiment also included an experiment conducted on behalf of a publisher of magazines and newspapers.

All participants in the experiment received identical advertisements from each of the three main publishers.

Participants were also given instructions to answer a series, multiple choice question.

The results showed that participants who were exposed to ads from Sms received significantly more ads in comparison to those who received no ads.

The authors say the results show that “text ads may not always be more efficient than other forms of advertising.”

A second experiment found that Sms advertisements were far more effective in reducing negative messages.

Sms ads were effective in helping participants reduce negative messages about the brands they were purchasing from, the researchers wrote.

The Sms study also found that “Text ads may be less effective in the immediate aftermath of an advertisement campaign.”

The authors note that these studies suggest that advertisements may be an effective means of reaching consumers who may be reluctant to engage with an ad campaign.

While Sms texts may not be as effective in increasing awareness of brands or in decreasing negative content, the study indicates that they may be effective in influencing consumers to purchase items from the brands being targeted.

The researchers say the next step for marketers will be to test whether they can create more effective ads for their brands.

“Our work highlights the importance of developing effective messaging and advertising campaigns to reach consumers and promote a brand,” says researcher David Hirsch.