Posted December 01, 2019 15:03:59A brand new, 4G smartphone is in the works for Samsung’s latest Galaxy line-up, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S9.

The brand new Galaxy S line-ups, S8, S9, and S9+, are expected to launch this month.

They will all feature a brand-new 4G modem, according to a leaked roadmap for the new Galaxy smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10 Plus will also feature a new SIM card.

The Samsung Galaxy Line-up is Samsung’s most popular line-of-business smartphones, and its most popular model.

The Galaxy S Series smartphones, the S8/9, S10/S11, and the Galaxy 10/11, all feature the Galaxy S 8, S 9, and Galaxy 8 Plus.

The Note8/S9/S10/10 Plus models are expected for launch in November.

Samsung will continue to offer its most recent and highest-selling smartphones through its Galaxy Store in the country.

The company will be selling Galaxy phones with a wide range of Samsung accessories and accessories for both the Galaxy line of phones and accessories and Samsung Pay.

Samsung has been slowly rolling out Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and later, the Galaxy Note7, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Mini, and a new Galaxy Note5 smartphone.

The new Galaxy Lineups are expected by early 2019.