Facebook, the world’s most valuable social media company, has long used its advertising platform to boost brand awareness.

But this year, Facebook is changing the rules on how to reach those potential buyers.

Starting today, the company is changing how it will sell ads on its network, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook will now only allow advertisers to promote the same ads multiple times on the same page.

That means you can’t use Facebook’s own ads, as you would with traditional search ads, for the same ad on the front page and the back page, and the ads are only allowed to be shown to people who already have a Facebook account.

Instead, Facebook will allow advertisers a maximum of 20 separate ads to appear on one page, according the report.

That’s up from the current maximum of 10 ads, which Facebook said was a “misleading and confusing” limit.

For a business like Facebook, which has been on a mission to become more relevant and engaging, this change is an important step in the right direction.

But Facebook isn’t the only company that’s changing how ads are displayed.

Amazon is changing its ads, too.

The Journal reports that Amazon is removing its own ads from its homepage, and instead is allowing advertisers to show ads to people based on their location, their interests, their age, their gender, and their interests in Amazon.

The change, which Amazon says it plans to roll out nationwide by the end of the year, comes as Amazon is facing pressure from advertisers to reduce its ad spending.

Amazon’s change could have a negative impact on its ability to reach its target audience.

According to the Journal, Amazon’s new rules will impact about 20 million people across the U.S. The company’s advertising spending could decrease by about $30 million by the middle of the decade, according one analyst.

The new rules could also be bad for Amazon because it has historically had to sell ads in its own website.

Facebook has been in the news recently for its controversial changes to the way users can use its platform, including removing ads from users’ news feeds.

Facebook says it is “actively testing” changes to how it displays ads and plans to publish more information on the changes soon.