India’s top four advertisers are fighting to win over viewers with an ad that has already generated over 500 million views.

But the battle is far from over.

While the ad campaign is likely to attract more than 200 million views on the Times of Indian’s YouTube channel, the Times’ Facebook page and the Times App, it is likely that most of the views will come from Facebook users. 

Ahead of the campaign, the social media giant has rolled out an app for India, which it says can be used to reach over 2 billion people.

The app will let users share and “like” ads from the Times, Times Mobile and Times of Finance channels. 

The Times’ advertising team, headed by Amit Kapoor, has been working on the app since March. 

This is the latest effort by the Times to try and draw viewers to its platforms.

Last year, the newspaper introduced a feature that allows readers to “liked” a particular ad in the Times section of its website. 

But the Times is not the only publisher trying to make a dent in Indian consumers. 

Last year, Google launched a similar “liking” feature in the Indian smartphone app that it also uses to target its digital advertising.

Google has also been trying to get more Indian viewers to use its app.

Earlier this month, it launched a “likes” feature on its Google Maps app that allows users to like ads that have been shared by other users on its website, Instagram and WhatsApp groups.