A new advert for baby clothes has been launched on social media.

The advert shows a woman wearing a maternity outfit and baby in tow.

The campaign was filmed at a New Zealand boutique, and the tagline “you can make your own baby clothes at home”.

The tagline for the campaign is: “You can make a baby with the help of your own hands”.

The campaign has also been endorsed by the New Zealand Women’s Network.

Ms Zilka, the co-founder of the Women’s Rights Network, said she was thrilled about the campaign.

“I’m thrilled about it because I’m a mother myself, I know what it feels like to have your child for the first time, and it’s important for women to feel empowered to choose their own clothes,” Ms Zillak said.

“We have a lot of women out there who have never felt comfortable in their own skin, and this campaign shows them that they can.”

Ms Zillera said she had been looking forward to having her own child, but was disappointed to learn that she had not been able to afford the new maternity outfits.

“It’s really upsetting that women have to choose what kind of clothes they’re going to wear,” she said.

The Women’s rights Network is a network of organisations campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.

The group is also working with other organisations to make women’s issues more visible, such as the National Alliance for Gender Equality and the United Voice for Gender Equity.

The new campaign, titled The Little Baby, was created in collaboration with the New Zealander-based women’s group, the Women in Media, who have also been working on the campaign, and with the Auckland-based company Gossard.

Ms Sloane said the campaign was inspired by the fact that some women chose not to wear their clothes.

“The girls who don’t wear their dresses, they wear baby clothes,” she explained.

“But women, when they get married, they decide to wear whatever they want.”

Ms Slozane said she hoped the campaign would be a powerful message to women.

“There’s so much pressure on women to wear the wrong kind of thing.

We want to help women be empowered and confident, not ashamed.”

Ms Smith said she thought the campaign had a positive message for young women.

“We need to change that perception, because it’s not about having the right thing, it’s about being happy,” she told news.com,au.

“You have to have the right things to live life, you have to be a strong person.”

“We want young women to think about themselves and be confident in themselves, so they can do the right choices.”