By Emily SchulteAugust 22, 2018 9:08:30Apple is making an Apple Pay payment service available to US consumers starting tomorrow, according to an Apple official.

The announcement was made at a press event in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday, and the company is currently accepting applications for Apple Pay cards that can be used at more than 20,000 retail stores nationwide.

The app will be available in both US and international markets, and users will have the option to set a payment method, with Apple Pay accepting the payment for purchases at a store, an app, or at a kiosk.

Users can then use their credit cards to pay for items at their local Apple Store, which is located in the same building as the Apple Store.

Apple Pay will be limited to select Apple Stores and kiosks in the US, and customers will have to wait until August 10th for the new service to roll out to all stores.

Apple is also introducing a new iPhone app for iPhone X buyers that will allow them to pay with Apple Watch.

Apple Pay is available in the Apple Watch app, but will be only available to those who own an Apple Watch before August 10.

Apple is still working on how to implement Apple Pay in all of its iOS apps, and this may be a sticking point for Apple Watch owners.

Apple has said that Apple Pay will launch with all Apple Watch devices in the coming months.

In addition to Apple Pay, the company has introduced Apple Pay-compatible credit cards that allow consumers to use their Apple Pay debit card at stores and restaurants and at the Apple Pay kiosks.

The new Apple Pay credit cards will be compatible with the new iPhone X, as well as the upcoming iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Apple has previously announced that it will launch a new credit card for Apple Wallet in the United States on August 14th.

Apple Wallet is a new, more secure way to pay using Apple Pay that allows users to pay at participating restaurants, stores, and ATMs.

Apple and Visa have said that the card will be offered in the next few months, but it is not yet clear when.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously said that a payment app will replace the physical cards in stores and that Apple Wallet will be the first of its kind.

Apple will also be releasing a new Apple Watch companion app that will be able to sync with a user’s Apple Pay card, allowing the user to make payments on behalf of another Apple Watch user.

The companion app will launch in August.

The Apple Pay mobile payments service will be launching in the third quarter of 2018, but Apple hasn’t said when that app will roll out.