New research suggests that sms advertisements are a pain in the ass to target, making them even more difficult to find.

The study was conducted by the digital ad agency Pinnacle, which was acquired by the Chinese company CQG in November 2016.

The researchers asked the company to create a campaign targeting the Chinese and Indian markets.

They found that the campaign was nearly impossible to get off the ground, despite the fact that the target market was both Asian and English speaking.

“The Chinese market has been known to be a little more aggressive in targeting, so it is hard to predict whether or not the campaign will be successful,” said Pinnacle CTO David Chen.

The researchers also found that in India, the targeted market has shifted over the years.

“The targeting of this segment has changed quite a bit since it was first targeted, with the Chinese market becoming the target of this campaign,” he said.

While Pinnacle’s findings are encouraging, Chen noted that there are still ways to beat the ads.

“It is still important to be strategic and make sure you are getting the right message to your target market,” he added.

“A better way is to use other types of targeting tools to reach the right people in the right places.

For example, you could also target people who are less likely to be active on social media, but still want to be in touch with you, for example, or those who are in your target audience,” he explained.

Pinnacle has created a set of recommendations that will help you find the best sms ad for your target markets.

“If you are using a digital agency, you can also follow these recommendations to get a more efficient experience,” Chen said.