Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said he has no objection to the government taking “appropriate action” against companies that post advertisements on social media.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi after meeting industry leaders, Modi said “the government will not take any action” to take legal action against “sadistic” ads on social networking sites.

He said he had told industry leaders that he was confident that the government would take appropriate action against such advertisements.

Modi’s comments came after the government issued notices to three companies for violating the Digital India law by promoting ads on their social media accounts.

The government has already issued two notices to the companies, seeking the disclosure of their financial accounts.

“If you don’t comply with the notice, we will take appropriate legal action,” he said.

The companies have till Thursday to respond to the notices.

Modis comments come after the Modi government had in February passed a law to curb the posting of advertisements on the internet, including on social networks.

The law was later amended to include companies who post advertisements through social media platforms.

The law also includes provisions to make it mandatory for all companies that promote advertisements on internet platforms to take “appropriate legal action” if any such advertisements are “misleading” or “vulgar”.