I’ve got to say, the ads for the new S3 were pretty sweet.

The first one I saw had me on the receiving end of the ad, but the next one didn’t.

I can’t say for sure what it was that was so compelling about it, but it definitely reminded me of the time I first saw the S3, a few years ago. 

The ad is a video that shows a young girl getting her driver’s license.

She is standing in front of a car with a red bumper and the words “Get your driver’s permit” printed on it.

She takes a moment to get her license, then pulls it out and begins to drive. 

In the video, the girl appears to be about to get out of the car when the car starts to roll.

As the girl looks at the car, the bumper gets stuck in the door.

She grabs it and starts to drive, but then it starts rolling again.

The car goes over the edge, killing her instantly.

I don’t think it’s clear whether this is a genuine clip, but I don’ think I have the video to verify it.

This is, of course, a video of a real accident.

Sms is an ad agency, and it also produces some of the most popular ads on the Internet.

I haven’t been able to see the full video, but there are plenty of clips on YouTube of people pulling off the stunt with no luck.

I do know that a few people have gotten their license plates removed from their cars.

The new S 3 is a great phone and, like the S2, it has some really nice features.

The biggest improvement is its battery life. 

It’s not nearly as good as the iPhone 6 Plus or the Galaxy S7, but you’ll get around that with the S 3’s faster processor, more powerful internals, and more of a processor.

The phone also offers better camera performance, especially in low light.

The S3’s camera has improved considerably from the S1, which had a 6 megapixel sensor and 16MP main camera.

It’s not quite as good at taking in detail, but its faster, and its better at handling low light than the iPhone.

It also has a new sensor with a new dynamic range sensor.

There are a few other changes to the camera, like it now has a f/1.7 aperture instead of f/2.0.

It has a more impressive 5-megapixel sensor, with 1.8x optical zoom and a new high-speed f/5.6 lens.

There’s also a wider field of view and a higher megapixel count, but they are still not as impressive as the S 2. 

Like the S 1, the S S 3 can shoot 4K video.

There are a lot of new features for video that make it easier for users to shoot videos in the dark.

I’ll get to them in a bit, but in the meantime, the biggest improvements are the camera’s low light performance, which is better than the S-series.

I was expecting a phone with a good camera to be more of an iPhone-like phone, and that’s exactly what the S series does.

There isn’t much to complain about here.

This phone is more comfortable than the one before, but still not quite at the same level as the bigger iPhone 6s. 

When I first used the S5, it was incredibly uncomfortable.

The metal edges felt rough and the metal frame felt like it was made from some sort of plastic.

It wasn’t as sharp as it is on the iPhone, but that didn’t stop me from carrying it around everywhere.

Now I don,t find it to be a big deal.

Like many other phones on the market, the new iPhone 6 is waterproof.

The S3 has a plastic frame, but unlike the iPhone that is made from plastic, the frame is made of a special type of polymer.

The rubberized plastic makes it feel more flexible and less prone to cracking.

The only thing holding it back from being waterproof is that it can only be used on the inside of the phone.

The new S phones can be used in the rain, but only in the top portion of the screen, not in the corners or the corners on the sides.

The bottom portion is water resistant, too, so it can be placed inside your pocket or purse.

The camera and front-facing camera are also waterproof.

This means that the S7 and S8 can be worn while outdoors in the water, which would make it a good choice for those who don’t mind getting wet.

The screen is a bit thinner, too.

The iPhone 7 Plus is just 2mm thicker, but at this size the phone feels like it is still thinner.

I think the screen is better for video and music.

The display is a nice shade of grey, but not so bright that you get tired of using it.

For video, there are