One of the most useful features of SMS is the ability to send a message via text message.

You can send text messages via the iPhone and Android phones in your phone’s settings menu, and if you don’t already have the Google Voice service installed, you can do so.

Sending SMS messages via text requires that you download and install a special app, called SMS Messages.

The app is available for free on the Google Play store, and you can find the app in the Android Market for free.

Here’s how to send an SMS via text messaging without the use of the mobile application.

First, download the SMS Messages app.

The SMS Messages App is available on the Apple App Store and the Google App Store.

The Android Market version of the SMS Messaging app will not work if you already have a Google Voice account.

To install the SMS Messenger app, follow these steps: 1.

Open the app.

If you’re using an Android phone, tap the Google icon at the top of the screen and tap “App Settings.”

If you are using an iPhone, tap “General” and then “Settings.”


Tap “Messages” under “SMS Messaging.”


Tap the “Send SMS Message” button.


Tap OK. 5.

Your message will appear in the Messages section of the app, with the message type, destination, and time stamp.

If it’s an SMS, it will be shown as a message on your screen.

If not, it’s shown as “None.”

If it has an associated SMS number, it should show up as a number in the contacts section.


If your message contains an attachment, tap it.

If there’s an attachment that you want to send, tap that attachment.

If a message has an attachment to send to someone else, tap on it. 7.

Tap on the “send” button to send the message to someone in your contact list.

You will see the message, destination and time stamps.


Once the message has been sent, the message will be displayed in your inbox.

If the recipient of the message did not receive it, the sender will see a message stating that they were unable to receive it.

To delete a message that has been received, tap and hold the “X” on the message for 10 seconds and then tap on “Delete.”

If the message was sent to someone you have a contact with, the recipient will be notified of the deletion by an email.


Once you receive a notification of a message’s deletion, tap to view the message history.

You’ll see a summary of the messages that were sent.

If something went wrong in the process of sending the message and the message isn’t in the inbox, the information about the message may be lost.

You may also receive a message saying that your message was “unavailable.”

You can view the full message history for a message by tapping on the arrow on the bottom left of the text box, then selecting “View History.”

You will also see the “History” tab at the bottom of the Messages app, where you can view all messages that have been sent and received, and the status of the deleted message.