A marketing firm is using social media ads to drive traffic to their business.

CBC News has learned that the firm, Tango, is using a combination of a simple website and a mobile app to target people who use their business, which includes mobile apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ as well as traditional online advertising.

Tango is the brainchild of Jason Waugh, a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who said he wanted to start a company that would allow users to sell things on their mobile devices.

Waugh and his partner, Nathan Parnell, said they started using social marketing on mobile devices about two years ago and saw an opportunity for a business that could provide a service to people who were trying to get a hold of a product.

“You’re selling a product on your phone, you’re selling on your mobile device, and it’s an opportunity to get your customer to buy it,” Parnelle said.

Parnell said Tango was one of a handful of businesses that could help them get to that point.

We’re really just looking for people who are looking for that one piece of the puzzle that they can buy,” he said.

Parnelle told CBC News that Tango is a small company that started out with one app, which it now has four, and that it has now grown to about 80 people in Canada.

He said the idea of selling products on a mobile device is something that he has seen in the past but hasn’t had any success with.

What makes Tango unique is that it uses social media to reach customers on both mobile devices and the web.

In order to reach their target audience, the company has developed an app that allows users to set up a Tango account, then upload a picture and then send a message.

The app then shows the image to people that they’ve agreed to purchase the product.

The app will send a notification to people on their phone when the product is ready to be sold, and if a sale is successful, the product will be displayed on their device.

When it comes to targeting people on social media, Parnella said they wanted to target those that were looking for a product, not those looking for friends.”

We’re going to target that person who is trying to purchase something and not the person who has the opportunity to purchase a product,” he explained.

Tango’s marketing strategy is very similar to what other marketers are using to reach the same target audience.

Instead of offering products, the social media campaign uses ads to sell product.

In this case, Tangle is using ads to promote its website and mobile app.”

The whole process is quite simple.””

You just go on Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

The whole process is quite simple.”

Tango uses an ad campaign to sell its mobile app on both Instagram and Facebook.

Tango’s ads show pictures of products, with an offer to buy the product, and when the user clicks on the ad, they are presented with a list of offers.

Parnells said the company also does social media marketing with a mobile ad on their website.

“People see a picture of the product and say ‘I want this,’ and we say, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll send you the ad,'” he said, adding that they also sell a product called “Tango on the Go.”

Parnells is very passionate about social media advertising and he believes the platform will be able to help Tango achieve their goals.

“You have to be able for people to understand what your product is and the way you’re advertising it, and the ease of access and ease of usage that it gives,” he told CBC.

“So if you can do that, you can make it a really attractive option for people.”

Tangle has also added social networking features to the website.

In order to show people who have a Tangle account a new product, the app sends them a message saying the product has been added to their Tangle.

Users who want to sell their products can also post pictures of the products that they want to offer on Instagram.

A photo of the Tangle mobile app will show a person with a T-shirt with the logo of their business on it.

The person who clicked on the Tango ad will be presented with an option to buy a Tine or Tango.

The Tangle app allows customers to sell products to the T-shirts and T-pops they have posted on Instagram or on Facebook.

Tangle uses Facebook Messenger to make the offer and Facebook to reach people.

“Facebook is the platform that allows us to get our message out to as many people as we can and to reach as many customers as we possibly can, and to get the best feedback,” Pivenell said, referring to Facebook Messenger.

Pivenell also said Tangle will not only