SMS advertising is a booming sector in France, where the government is investing more than €100m (£83m) over the next two years to bring the industry into line with other EU states.

The government hopes to create a new regulatory framework for SMBs, which are already regulated by the country’s national regulators.

France’s law on SMS advertising is the first in the EU to include a ban on “market manipulation” and a requirement that advertisers show “reasonable certainty” that customers would benefit from the advertising they are using.

The rules also include a provision that prohibits SMS marketers from using deceptive methods to get people to sign up for their products.

France has long been one of the most prominent European states in the fight against the spread of the Zika virus, and it is expected to join a growing list of EU countries that have banned the use of the virus-causing microbe.

In a press release, the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (OMICO) said the new law will “ensure that SMS advertisements are not manipulative, false or deceptive”.

The government will introduce a new SMS advertising regulation on 3 April and then publish the results in June.

It is a key step in France’s efforts to fight Zika, which is spreading across the EU.