How much do you spend on your email?

The answer is usually much, much less than you think.

A study by marketing firm Market Analytics showed that email advertising cost a lot more than you would think, as it typically required a lot of time, effort and money to create a marketing campaign.

“Email is one of the most common forms of marketing in terms of its scale and its impact on consumer behavior,” the company wrote.

“In order to get the most out of your email marketing, it is important to understand the cost of the campaigns.”

As for how much the average user spends on email marketing each month, it ranges from around $20 a month to $1,400 a month, the company said.

In other words, the average email user spends around $100 a month on their email account.

However, the biggest cost of email marketing is time.

The cost of an email campaign can be split into three components:The time spent creating an email message, setting up a signup process and the time spent responding to emails.

The time spent by the email marketing team is also crucial, because it determines how much leads and leads that come from those emails.

“We’ve found that email campaigns are more effective when the team members are involved, but not when they are not,” the study found.

“The most effective email campaigns will be those that the email campaign team is able to handle effectively.

This means the team should be able to write, create, and send the email.””

This will also mean the email campaigns should be scalable and should be more effective for smaller teams.

This should be achieved by providing multiple leads and multiple ways for the lead generation to happen,” the report added.

It’s worth noting that Market Analytics found that emails do have a higher cost per click than most other forms of media, as well as more money spent than other forms.

However at least in the US, this cost has gone down in recent years, so email marketing might be in for a nice boost.