By using an SMSS email ad system to deliver an ad on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, you can create a viral marketing campaign that’s as easy to pull off as it is effective.

But the best part of SMSS is that you don’t need a professional to do the work.

It can be a fun, creative, and easy way to make some money on your favorite social media pages.


Use SMSS to send emails to Facebook users The easiest way to create an ad is to send an email to Facebook followers, who then reply with a link to your ad.

It’s simple, and you can even send a link directly to the ad.

So, you just go to your Facebook account and create an email ad.

Here’s how to create a Facebook ad: Open your Facebook app or website, select the ad you want to run, and then click “Sign in with Facebook.”

Follow the steps to set up an ad.

Then, click “Send a link.”

You’ll receive an email notification.

This will take you to the page where you can sign in with your Facebook credentials.

Click the link and you’ll be redirected to your account page.

Click “Edit” to edit the ad and choose a topic.

For example, select “News.”

From here, you’ll need to choose the “Subject” option.

You can choose “News” for an article that you want a Facebook reader to click on, or you can choose a more generic subject such as “The best of the best.”

Select the topic you want your ad to run on.

You’ll need the “Source” option, so choose “Facebook” and “Ads.”

The ad will appear.

To end the ad, click the “Close” button.


Sign in with Twitter or Facebook If you don, you won’t get an email.

Instead, you’re going to need to use Twitter or your Facebook accounts to send the email to your followers.

Follow the instructions on your Twitter or FB account to set it up.

Then click “Follow Me.”

You will receive an invitation to your Twitter account.

You will need to follow you to see if the invitation is successful.

If you click “Yes,” you will be redirected back to your FB account.

Follow your account and you will see the ad appear.

Click on the link.

Now you’ll see a message that says “Subscribe.”

Click on “Sign In.”

You can set up a Twitter account and then follow your friends to get the ad to your friends.

Click OK.

This ad will be sent to all of your followers, even if they’re not on Twitter or on Facebook.

Followers will then receive the link to the email.


Sign up for Facebook Messenger When you sign up for a Facebook Messenger account, you will get an invitation that says you can use a Facebook email address.

Follow these instructions to set the email address up.

When you click the link, you may get an alert saying “You will need an email address to receive your Facebook messages.”

This email address is the same email address that you’ve used for email messages on your Google or Apple accounts.

You should also note that Facebook Messenger offers free messaging to people you follow, so it’s best to follow them if you want the ad’s message to reach them.

Here are the steps for setting up an email message on Facebook Messenger: Open Facebook.

Select “Sign up for Messenger.”

Follow all of the steps and you should receive an alert that says the email you just created will be added to your “Messenger” section.

Click to add the email message to your Messenger.

Now, when you send an ad to Facebook, it will be displayed on your friends’ posts, and it will appear in your message history as well.


Use an SMASSP ad network To make a Facebook or Twitter ad, you need to sign up with a company called SMASSS (social marketing syndication service) and sign up to a SMSS network.

You don’t have to be a paid agent.

To set up SMSS with SMASSSP, go to Facebook or Facebook Messenger, click on “Manage” in the top right corner, and select “Sign Up for SMASSR” from the “Manages Your Accounts” section under “Managing Accounts.”

Follow these steps: Open the Facebook app, select your Facebook or social media account, and sign in to it.

Click your name in the left column of the screen and select a subject for your ad that you can add your ad on.

In this example, we’re adding a message to my friend’s post.

We’ll need your email address so we can send that message to her.

If we didn’t know our email address, we’d just enter it into the “Other” field, which would be our Facebook email.

The “Other…” box will be grayed out, so we need to enter