A few years ago, we wrote about how to use a smartphone as an efficient advertising tool.

Now, a few smart people are taking that same concept to the next level and using smartphones to help with online marketing and sales.

The idea is to combine smartphone advertising with email marketing, making it possible for marketers to target their messages to specific customers with minimal hassle.

But how do you use your smartphone to reach out to customers who are not likely to answer your phone calls?

One new idea has emerged in India: an app that uses your smartphone as a smartphone advertising tool to reach customers who don’t have a mobile phone.

The company behind the app, Mobile AdMob, was founded in 2013 by Kishore Sharma, a marketing executive in New Delhi, and Ankit Kumar.

They want to give their mobile ad product, MobileAdMob, the ability to reach a broader audience.

They have also developed a mobile application that connects advertisers to customers through their smartphones, using GPS and WiFi.

The app also offers a way to send customized messages based on your preferences and interests.

Sharma and Kumar say they’re taking advantage of smartphone technology to create an online service that will help users reach out directly to their target market.

“We believe that it’s possible to target a specific group of people through a smartphone, which is a lot easier than doing it via a mail-order or catalog,” Sharma told Al Jazeera.

“If you’re a small business owner, you can just email customers to get them involved.”

Sharma, who lives in Delhi, said that the idea of targeting a specific customer is much easier than going through a catalogue of products and services.

“If you send a message to a specific person, it can be done through your phone.

There are so many options, so many ways you can do it.

We can do the same with the app.

The only difference is that it requires the users to be online,” Sharma said.

Shaharma and his team say that a smartphone can be used for advertising, but the app will not be the only tool for online marketing.

The app will also be used to sell smartphones to people in remote areas and to help people get around in cities.

“People in India have a different experience to people outside India.

So we think that mobile is the way to reach people in that area,” Sharma explained.

“We want to reach more people.

People in remote parts of the world can’t reach the people in urban areas, so we need a mobile app that can do that.”

Mobile AdMob is going to be a platform for people to find and connect with people.

There will be a dedicated group of consumers that will be targeting different groups of people.

It’s going to make it more efficient,” Sharma added.”

Our app is not going to replace the traditional phone advertising approach.

It’s going to make it more efficient,” Sharma added.

Mobile Admob’s app is available on Android and iOS, and Sharma said the app has been downloaded over 4 million times so far.

Mobile ad apps are not the only way for people in India to find customers.

The App Store has over 100,000 apps in India and over 1.8 million in the US, according to market researcher IAB.

But Sharma and Kumar believe that they are the most effective app for reaching a specific target audience.

The two say that they also plan to launch a separate app for targeting groups of specific interests in the future.

The founders hope that they will be able to scale their app in India.

“The more people we can reach, the better it will be,” Sharma remarked.

“It’s going in India, we hope to have it here.”

Sharams Sharma and Ankumar Kumar are also working on a mobile advertisement platform for a local agency, which will also use the app to target potential customers in the city.